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             ClimateSafe Villages

             'Join The Transition'

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We are reaching out to local groups, leaders and governments and inspiring communities and eco-hubs to mitigate, prepare and adapt.

Working Together!

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Dear [ Sir/Madam/Representative/Friends/Leader ],


Climate-Safe Villages are being formed in response to runaway global heating now gaining pace, with record temperatures becoming evident worldwide.


CO2 emissions and (methane levels) continue to rise and topped 425 ppm in July 2023. Instead of a radical reduction to prevent oncoming tipping points we are now in a 2 degree Celsius global warming battle, pushing us towards a total disaster scenario.

Extensive research by the think tank underscores the onset of mass migration and extinction events and the demise of vast numbers of humans, animals and plants as intense weather patterns grow and our oceans continue to acidify and heat up.

To talk of better standards of living, progress and a future for all is a complete contradiction of terms in light of what we are facing.

We are on the cusp of tipping into irreversible global warming as the sign posts of unfolding disasters, demonstrates the utter failure by corporations and governments to respond with utmost urgency to our oncoming peril while promoting mere gestures in the scheme of things.


Climate scientists are startled by the speed of deterioration while many still believe this crisis will fix itself. Vested interests cause harm in the mass media by sewing the seeds of doubt and casting this crisis as a problem for another day.


Four types of climate villages are proposed for communities to prepare and adapt and define our future.


Society must face the dire reality of our global heating emergency, and we ask for your help to communicate our message in readiness for a pathway of action and a transition that values all of us.


We ask for your response on plans and leadership efforts to steer us away from a planetary wide collapse as we enter

the 11th hour to prevent humanity’s extinction!


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  Craig Walter – Advisor

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                                                   "Exposing the Climate Change Perpetrator: Unveiling Critical Insights"



If you know someone who has suffered loss or damages due to climate change, you will want to get them a copy of this highly disruptive new article. We anticipate this article will cause considerable controversy, much coming from sources with conflicting financial interests to the positions this article holds. Here are the nine critical areas of information found in the following climate Justice article:


  1. How, for decades, the perpetrator(s) causing the climate change emergency has made fools out of our politicians, governments, the media, environmental groups, and yes, even you. This deception includes the four major ways the perpetrator(s) make it impossible to get accurate climate change information.

  2. The three most deadly consequences caused by the perpetrator(s) 40-year history of behind-the-scenes actions preventing society from fixing climate change. This will surprise almost everyone who is not an active and independent climate change researcher.

  3. The unimaginably difficult "who lives and who dies" decision our politicians will soon be compelled to make because of the climate change perpetrator's 40-year history of dirty tricks, delaying global fossil fuel regulation and reductions and causing what is now called the Climate Change Double Dilemma. (This is the first time this climate double dilemma has been explained.)

  4. Why climate justice demands that the climate emergency perpetrator(s) be held legally responsible for the slow and painful deaths of about 200 million people since 1980 and the highly probable deaths of about 3.5 billion more people by 2050.

  5. Powerful new legal approaches and closing arguments not previously seen to convict the perpetrator(s). These new approaches and arguments can significantly assist in filing more successful climate change damages lawsuits worldwide. Current litigation against the cartel, related companies, and senior executives is currently being based on any combination of the following legal theories in tort law. Those areas are first-degree murder, genocidal crimes against humanity, product liability, consumer protection law, racketeering, and negligence or gross negligence.


    Other efforts involve convicting executives, companies, or government agencies that failed to inform their clients or citizens of the known climate change risks that resulted in damages (in binding contracts like insurance policies, mortgages, building permits, etc.) The number of lawsuits focused on the global climate crisis has doubled since 2015. (According to a report last year led by European researchers, there are now over 2,000 lawsuits against the cartel.) 


    6. How to access the list of lawyers and solicitors worldwide involved in climate change litigation who can assist climate change victims in recovering their losses.


    7. The three critical actions that the world's citizens must enact to stop the perpetrator(s) from destroying most of humanity and Earth's biological life.


    8. How you can best protect yourself, your loved ones, your business, and your nation from the next wave of unavoidable climate change consequences.


    9. How can you stop a dangerous, hardly ever recognized 40-year-old geoengineering experiment, which is unauthorized by any government and carried out by the perpetrators of the climate change emergency? For many, this new article may abruptly burst the dense bubble of climate change disinformation skillfully created by the perpetrators of the climate change emergency.


    We apologize for any discomfort this abrupt "wake up" might cause you once you finally see our climate change predicament without misinformation and censorship. We also hope this article will motivate productive action on humanity's climate change justice issues. This article was prepared by an independent climate change think tank. Relevant evidence for the climate change information below is partially found in the links within this article and entirely in a link at the bottom.


    Please let us know if you see ways we can improve this article or the linked articles at its bottom. It is inappropriate for children under 16 due to its serious adult content. Please share your comments and opinions at the bottom of this article.


    Prologue: To get started on the critical question of who has caused climate change:


    1. We invite you first to imagine the many consequences of global climate change as a massive crime scene.


    2. Next, correctly identify the perpetrator(s) causing the many ongoing consequences of today's climate change emergency. Only after you have uncovered the actual perpetrator(s) causing the climate change emergency will humanity finally have the correct target and the best opportunity to end this ongoing global catastrophe and deliver long overdue and necessary climate change justice. Let's get the investigation and trial by you, the jury started... The Crime Scene Coastal flooding, record-breaking temperatures, extreme weather worldwide, hurricanes, and wildfires -- humanity is now at the level of a true climate change extinction emergency where billions will most likely die by 2050. The Suspect (and Motive)


    One prominent and dominant villain is under the spotlight as the root cause of the climate emergency -- one who is overwhelmingly responsible for climate change and still denying the crime after more than 40 years. Moreover, that suspect is still carrying on its massive global crime spree. Is the perpetrator's motive as simple as greed? The Incriminating Evidence A web of lobby groups and even government agencies have tried to plant false doubts or confusion about the causes, consequences, progress, and correct solutions surrounding the climate change emergency.


    Misinformation has been planted in reports that people trust about climate change and the required solutions. Oddly enough, this twisted information points to the guilty parties for anyone looking at the evidence. There is now an abundance of incrimination evidence. Scores of well-documented articles by professional investigative reporters show the perpetrators' carefully planned and executed activities over five decades.


    Local, state and some national justice agencies like California and New York have accumulated extensive and detailed evidence of the perpetrator's criminal actions. Even the Harvard Environmental Law Review has weighed in and contributed to exposing the perpetrator's actions and the best legal theory for holding the perpetrator accountable. Please find below the case against the global fossil fuel cartel.


    A quick overview of the case.


    Who is the actual and active "villain" causing the climate change emergency humanity faces? Is it you for failure to conserve energy? Is it all of us collectively, each having a tiny contributing part? Is it our governments, the media, greedy politicians? Or is it someone or something else? Is one prominent and dominant villain at the root cause of the climate emergency that is also overwhelmingly responsible for climate change still unresolved for more than 40 years.                                                      

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